The Library Friends Zone is a resource for public library friends (and foundation groups).

Find resources, ask questions, and build your local friends group. Whether your group is brand new or has been around for years,  we can help your group grow in today’s world.

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Getting Started

Are you revitalizing or starting a Friends group? Learn the basics. We offer essential insights on legal requirements, best practices, and more. From inception to success, we’re your trusted ally, ensuring your group thrives. Let us empower your community-building efforts with the knowledge needed for a successful start.

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Engage Your Members

Elevate your Friends Group with content from the Friends Zone! We craft compelling newsletter content, organize engaging events, from thrilling escape rooms to impactful gatherings. Plus, our expert team offers invaluable fundraising assistance, ensuring your mission thrives. Let us transform your initiatives into memorable experiences that captivate and drive success.

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Donor Wall

Transform your donor recognition with a cutting-edge digital donor wall! Engage members by showcasing their contributions dynamically, allow members to add custom messages, and foster a sense of community. This visually striking and interactive platform honors donors and drives increased donations, creating a lasting impact for your group.