Promote Your Friends Group

A Friends Group helps the library in various capacities depending on the library.  From events to summer reading to purchasing materials to bringing in new services and equipment.

Getting the users behind the Friends group can only help the library better serve its users. 

How can you promote your friends group?

In the Library

  • Promote membership with applications inside the library. If possible, close to the circulation desk, donor walls, and other places, the Friends Group has a presence at the library.
  • At any program the Friends group sponsors, have a member start the program explaining what the Friends group does at your library and how to join.
  • Ensure all volunteers and staff know about Friends and can promote it during transactions and programs at the library.
  • Did your friends’ group buy something for the library? Ensure the Friends group is acknowledged with a permanent sign or naming rights. For example, did you help purchase a 3D printer? Then have a sign next to it: “Brought to you through the Friends of the Library.”
  • Promote upcoming meetings and events throughout the library on digital signs, the library event calendar, and other spaces as appropriate.

Beyond the Library

You must get the word out past the library doors to grow your friends’ group.

  • Create a Friends Social Media presence. This could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or TikTok. Whatever works for you and your audience.
  • Have a website. The website may be part of the library’s webpage or your own page.  The page should include:
    • Officers
    • Bylaws
    • Upcoming Events
    • How to Join (With a digital payment option like PayPal, Square, or Stripe). 
  • Create an email mailing list. For smaller groups, sites like MailChimp offer free options. Allow interested people and members to sign up. Email them events and announcements, and promote anything your group buys or sponsors for the library. 
  • Post in neighborhood groups when you have events or donation drives. 
  • Attend events. Grab a booth at community events or share a booth with the library to promote both the library and your friends group. 


Engage Users

Your Friends group can create programs to recruit new members, fundraise, or engage members. 

What types of programming can you consider? Well, the sky is the limit. Some popular program ideas include:

  • Band Concerts
  • Art 
  • Author Talks
  • Escape Rooms and Mystery Games
  • Puzzle Parties
  • Tea Parties
  • Crafting
  • Poker Tournaments
  • Antique Appraisal Fairs
  • Book Sales


Selling used books is a popular and very successful program for most groups. Some groups may have a designated space within the library to set up a store, and others will host special event book sales on a semi-annual or annual basis.


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