Creating a Great Library Newsletter

Today, we’re talking about how to make a great newsletter for your Friends of the Library group. This guide is for everyone, whether you love to write or design. We’ll give you some tips to make your newsletter better. 

What to Include in Your Newsletter

A good newsletter has lots of interesting info. Here’s what you can put in yours:

  • Book Highlights: Talk about new or interesting books at the library. Mentioning staff favorites can make these more personal.
  • Event Recaps: Share what happened at recent library events with pictures and stories. This can make more people want to come next time.
  • Upcoming Events: Let people know about future events, like book sales or workshops. Give them the details so they can join in.
  • Spotlight on Volunteers: Say thank you to your volunteers with short interviews or features. This helps build a community feeling.
  • Library News: Tell your readers about any big changes at the library, like new services or hours.
  • Reading Challenges: Start fun reading games or challenges to get people excited about reading.
  • Fundraising News: Share how fundraising is going and how it helps the library.

Design Tips

People are more likely to read your newsletter if it looks good. Here’s how to make it look great:

  • Be Consistent: Use the same colors, fonts, and logos to make your newsletter instantly recognizable.
  • Keep It Clean: Use white space to keep things uncluttered. This makes your newsletter easier to read.
  • Add Pictures and Graphics: Pictures and graphics make your newsletter more interesting and break up the text.
  • Use Easy-to-Read Fonts: Make sure your fonts are easy to read, so everyone can enjoy your newsletter.
  • Make It Mobile-Friendly: Many people will read on their phones, so make sure your newsletter looks good on small screens.

Getting Your Newsletter to Readers

It’s important that your newsletter actually gets read. Here’s how to do that:

  • Email: Use an email service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to send out your newsletter. They often have helpful tools and let you see how many people are reading it.
  • Social Media: Post your newsletter on social media to get more people to read it.
  • Printed Copies: If you can, print some copies to have in the library for people who like to read on paper.
  • Post It Online: Put your newsletter on your website where people can easily find it.

Making a newsletter for your Friends of the Library group is about mixing good content, nice design, and making sure people see it. With these tips, you can make a newsletter that keeps everyone informed and excited about the library.