Boosting Friends’ Membership with Social Media

Ready to increase your Friends’ group memberships and get more people involved? Social media is a powerful tool for this. Here’s how to use it effectively for your Friends of the Library group.

Tips for Success

Content is Key

Good content attracts followers. Post exciting things about the library, like new books, author talks, or fun library facts. Use pictures, videos, and memes to make your posts engaging.

Feature People

People like seeing stories about other people. Share stories about people using the library (with their permission, of course!). This makes the library feel more personal.

Host Online Events

Events keep people interested. Try online book clubs or story times. Online events are easy to join and can attract more participants.

Build Excitement

For big events or announcements, use teaser posts and countdowns to get people excited. This keeps your followers looking forward to what’s coming next.

Talk to Your Followers

Social media is for conversations. Respond to comments and messages. This makes people feel heard and more connected to your Friends’ group.

Use Stories and Reels

Short videos and polls on Instagram Stories or TikTok can grab attention quickly. They’re good for quick updates or fun library moments.

Share Successes

Talk about what’s going well. If a Friends’ Sponsored event was successful or if you reached a new membership goal, share it. Success stories inspire and attract more support.

Check What Works

Use social media tools to see which posts get the most attention. Learn what your followers like and adjust your strategy to fit.

Using these straightforward strategies, you can make your library more popular and engaging on social media.