Hey, book lovers and library supporters! Are you starting to think about how to raise funds for your library? Whether your Friends group is looking to help your library update technology, buy more books, or provide refreshments for library programs, fundraising is the key to success. Here are six fundraising ideas that are sure to help raise funds for your library.

  1. Host a “Blind Date with a Book” Event: Wrap books in plain paper, write intriguing clues on the cover, and let patrons take a chance on a mystery read for a requested (but not obligatory!) small donation. It’s a fun way to clear out bookstore duplicates and garner interest in various genres!
  2. “Read-a-Thon” Challenge: Encourage the community to sponsor participants based on how many pages or books they can read within a set time frame. Not only does this raise funds, but it also promotes literacy and could start some epic “book battles” in town.
  3. Trivia Nights: Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Host monthly trivia nights with a unique library twist. Entry fees add to the funds; you can even theme the nights around popular books, literary history, or famous quotes. This could also be a partnership opportunity between the Friends and a local restaurant or bar.
  4. “Adopt-a-Book” Program: Allow patrons to sponsor books or other materials that the library wants to purchase. They get a special nameplate in the book and the satisfaction of knowing they’ve helped expand the minds of their fellow readers.
  5. Library-Themed Merchandise: Sell library-branded merchandise such as tote bags, bookmarks, and T-shirts. Everyone loves to show off their library pride, and it’s a walking advertisement, too!
  6. Crowdfunding Campaigns: Go digital with your fundraising by setting up an online crowdfunding campaign. Tell your library’s story, set a specific goal, and watch the community come together to help you reach it. Partner with your local news organizations to help get the word out.

Remember, the key to successful fundraising is engagement. These ideas not only raise funds but also strengthen the community’s connection to the library. So, let’s get creative, have some fun, and make this year’s fundraising efforts a bestseller!